PicoGrid ZX (Zero Export) Solar Solutions

PicoGrid ZX is a Zero Export solution for grid tied Solar PV. In many areas of the world and the Pacific Region in particular, grid-connect solar is a valuable proposition. Unfortunately utilities can be challenged by the prospect of PV systems exporting power onto the grid. This can be due to a number of reasons including poor ancillary services. For example, slow frequency response of diesel generation (on smaller Island nations), low loads during high-insolation times (midday sun) etc. All this adds up to potential issues on the Grid and hence technical and political resistance from utilities.

There is a solution: PicoGrid ZX allows Solar PV to displace Grid supplied power and nothing more, it does this by ensuring that building loads consume every kW of power generated. Hence the name Zero Export. PicoGrid ZX is guaranteed to never export to the Grid, all the local Solar PV generated electricity is consumed on site. Furthermore, this is achieved without the need for expensive high maintenance batteries.

With PicoGrid ZX, you can take advantage of Solar PV now.

Our first PicoGrid ZX implementation supports 5kW to 100kW of solar PV. The Zero Export feature will regulate the output of the inverters to match or stay below the building’s instantaneous load.

PicoGrid ZX (Zero Export)

Fully integrated PicoGrid ZX solutions are available starting from:


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