PicoGrid Monitoring and Control

PicoGrid Monitoring and Control allows you to visualize you energy data in amazing and useful ways. Rather than being stuck with the datapoints, format and the look-and-feel of proprietary systems, PicoGrid allows you to customize a view that makes sense to your business.


Sometimes the data comes from one brand of solar inverter, sometimes it’s another brand, and sometimes it’s both at the same time, using multiple inverters. Do you want to overlay live weather information over your solar generation, or cost over your electricity consumption as measured by a 3-Phase IEC 61036 Class 1 kWh meter? You can do that with PicoGrid.

But not only can you visualize energy flows – you can also control them. PicoGrid Monitoring and Control units allow for remote switching of your circuits using local and remote logical inputs complete with encryption, authentication and non-repudiation. Think of what’s possible to automate, it’s all available.

Starting at:

$399.00 + GST

For enquiries, please contact us via email: sales@greenstage.co.nz or phone John on +64 21 0227 6796

Note: We are based in Auckland New Zealand, we provide services both locally and Internationally.