PicoGrid Energy Audit

Are your power bills too high? Are you considering solar power? Do you want to know what makes financial sense for you? A no obligation PicoGrid Energy Audit is a complete energy audit for your home or business. It’s an easy way to investigate solar PV systems and energy efficiency options.
PicoGrid Energy Audit

Adding solar PV to your building now makes financial sense. Selected and installed correctly, it’s infrastructure that will last 20 years or more. We want to help you do that.

Before you go solar, you really need some context about your building and your energy use. A PicoGrid Audit does this for you. It gives you a survey of your roof, estimating conservative but realistic generation potential using a SolarPathfinder device, and it monitors your actual electricity use through an easy to use online web portal. We show you how much power you’re using, when you’re using it and how you might be able to reduce your power usage – and save money! Then, we show you how a solar PV system and a few energy efficiency changes can dramatically impact your power bill.

We provide you with a comprehensive study with actual solar data overlayed on your daytime power use and a quote for the recommended changes. This includes an estimated ROI and a detailed spreadsheet with recommendations on the best hardware and a local installer to use. You can choose to do every recommendation, or pick and choose the ones that make most sense to you. At the end of the Audit, simply tell us what you want, we can organise everything (Note: if you choose to go ahead with the recommended solar PV system, we will refund the full cost of the PicoGrid Energy Audit).

Solar Pathfinder

A PicoGrid Energy Audit includes:

  • 14 Days of PicoGrid Monitoring
  • Solar Pathfinder analysis of your roof’s generation potential
  • Survey of Roof options and mounting advice
  • Design and quotation for a strategically sized, high-quality PV system
  • Design and quotation for recommended energy efficiency upgrades (e.g. LED lighting)
  • Estimated ROI spreadsheet

$199.00 + GST

To get going now, contact us via email: sales@greenstage.co.nz or phone John on +64 21 0227 6796

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Note: We are based in Auckland New Zealand, we provide services both locally and Internationally.