PicoGrid supports NZ Sculpture Onshore

We were really pleased to support artist Charlotte Parallel in solar powering her installation at NZ Sculpture Onshore exhibit in Takapuna. It was amazing – a evocative and mysterious soundscape created from the actual data from GeoNet – the sounds of translated seismic activity data under Auckland! Talk about cool things to do with distributed data – wow!



PicoGrid ZX Finalist in SBN Awards 2014

SBN_Finalist_300x300PicoGrid Zero Export and the SolarNetwork open-source platform have been selected as a Finalist in the NZI Sustainable Business Network 2014 awards! We’ll be attending the ceremony on Nov. 18th and updating this entry with any news. Here’s the press release from SBN. UPDATE (2014.11.20): Well… we didn’t win, but congratulations to Wellington City Council on their awesome Smart Energy Challenge Programme it was a fun night. Also to our good friends Econergy with their NZ-made mega-energy saving heat pump – Good on you David!!





Te Aponga Uira (TAU) uses PicoGrid to monitor key solar array onsite in Rarotonga

Te Aponga Uira (TAU) is the Cook Islands’ electricity provider. Leading the world in renewable deployments, they depend on Andersons for solid electrical services. Andersons chose Picogrid to visualize 5 2kW inverters that make up the 10kW array located at TAU’s headquarters. Click here to see the live performance.


Cook Islands PM office uses PicoGrid

The Office of Prime Minister in Rarotonga has 16kW of Solar PV installed by Andersons, made up of four Enasolar 4kW-GT NZ-made inverters. Andersons used PicoGrid to custom visualize the inverters output in an display that is output on 40-inch LCDs, as well as on the internet. The public can see the output of this renewable energy system here.