Customer Reviews

“We use a PicoGrid system from Greenstage for both monitoring production and remote operation control for three separate grid-connect solar systems in Espiritu Santo for the Government of Vanuatu and the Asian Development Bank. The systems need to be available securely over a 3G modem. With intermittent bandwidth on the island, the units are operating perfectly. The fact that they can work with a variety of solar hardware was a requirement and Greenstage have provided a system that was not available to us otherwise. I am very impressed with the capabilities of the PicoGrid system and will incorporate this within our following projects.”

— Rodney Krempaszky, Business Development Manager, MPower Pacific, Auckland

“I like the technical design of the PicoGrid units with respect to their reliability and flexibility. The units continue to work well on our 3G and 4G network.”

— Peter Namak, IT Manager, Digicel Vanuatu.

“I found the products and service developed and offered by Greenstage Power to be very reliable and effective in proving robust hardware and software that enable electric utilities to monitor and control power export of grid-connected PV power generation in real-time. This has the potential to expand the use of Renewable Energy in electrification of rural and remote communities.”

Dr Hassan Bathish, Manager Sustainable Energy, SMEC Australia

“We were committed to using, visualizing and managing renewable energy at our headquarters in Auckland. PicoGrid allows us to be extremely flexible with how we visualize the solar energy we generate, the power we consume and where and when we use it. We also use the same PicoGrid unit to control free electric car charging in our carpark. It is an elegant solution.”

— Andrew McPherson, CEO, ECONZ

“With the hardware and software attached to my system, I can easily monitor the solar generation (from my arm-chair). This means that if a problem develops I can easily see when this occurs (either a time-of day shade issue, or an actual mechanical fault with the system). What is more important, is the energy consumption portion web logging/view. My setup allows 3 sources to be tracked (other than the solar), which means I can monitor (if I so choose) various feeds or actual devices over a period of time. And with the online graph it is easy to see what energy is being consumed, and at the time of day. Which allows me to find high-energy use devices (operating outside usage hours).

–Peter Hamilton, Residential 10kW PV owner, Ramarama