Enterprise Strength

Showing live solar insolation data (i.e. measuring the energy generated from a Solar PV installation) is not really rocket science. Many solutions do this already, but very few have the enterprise grade pedigree that PicoGrid enjoys. Built using a proven tool set, PicoGrid uses a very flexible, modern and robust software architecture. It’s designed from the ground up for solid integration with business systems, such as your existing Building Management System (BMS). Requirements for your businesses energy management platform may be fairly simple today, but analysts predict they are likely to expand rapidly as distributed renewable energy systems proliferate and power prices rise. PicoGrid products are based on an expandable platform that can deliver solutions for those upcoming requirements, hence giving your business an advantage. Don’t lock yourself into someone else’s plan for managing your energy data, it’s your data and we want to keep it that way. Let’s face it, to be savvy and successful, you need flexibility and options, rest assured, PicoGrid delivers.


We’ll spare you the technical details, but PicoGrid systems are designed to be expanded and upgraded. Everything about their design looks forward to a future where significant amounts of renewable energy are being generated by businesses for their own use, storage and management based on multiple real-time criteria. The data from your solar generation, power consumption, weather, current spot price and many other network signals – it will be analysed to produce actionable information. PicoGrid systems can both analyse and act on that information, streamlining and optimising your company’s energy usage. But only expand when your business needs to. With PicoGrid you are future focused – and we think there is a lot of future coming up.

Network Ready

Ah, the Internet. It has changed business – for good. The architecture that PicoGrid exhibits is internet based and allows for synergy between disparate systems. In the IT world, it is a must for a vendor to “play well with others” and we see renewable energy management as no different. Data collected by our super-efficient PicoGrid solarnode units gets held onto locally, but as soon as there is internet access, that data gets shuttled up to our server. But we also enable two-way traffic, so that secure switching and signalling from other remote or local software systems in your enterprise can be used as inputs to your energy management decisions. Visualization of the entire data set and the decisions is provided on a layer that integrates with other systems’ data, and with rich, responsive HTML5 data and management dashboards that you can configure and brand to your business needs.

Hardware Support

PicoGrid systems like to talk to lots of different kinds of solar inverters, charge controllers, kilowatt-hour meters, industrial switches, and many web services such as weather, spot price, and facilities management systems. PicoGrid already supports Morningstar, Outback, Enasolar, SMA, Xantrex, Schneider, CurrentCost, JF2 LATA and others – all at the same time, and all with multiple units if needed, from the same small PicoGrid unit. But we’re not standing still, so watch this space.

Developer Ready

For those technical folks: We provide standard RESTful APIs to your data, using X.509 certificate and SSL certificates for authentication and non-repudiation. This means your development team, whether they want to use HTML5 or another platform, has the full, secure and agile access to your energy data. Did we also mention that there is a Software Developer Kit for PicoGrid with all the tools available online? PicoGrid uses Java leveraging the OSGi framework to deliver amasing capabilities. We’re sure you have some great ideas for your business’ energy optimisation – so if you’ve got the IT talent available, we encourage you to extend the PicoGrid platform to your advantage. Our Professional Services team is always there to help out.